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I am thoroughly glad that we did this blogging project rather than write a research paper on the topic of poetry.  The idea of blogging about our poet is much less daunting than the previous research paper that we wrote in the fall.  I found it much easier to manage my time and much easier to motivate myself to do the work, rather than procrastinating and writing the whole paper only shortly before it’s due (which would likely have been the case with the paper).  Throughout this project I actually learned a great deal about Langston Hughes and his poetry.  I came to enjoy reading his poems; my favorites being Hold Fast to Dreams and Mother to Son.  I found it interesting that his influences came from music and African American struggles and life in Harlem.  It makes his poems much more real and relatable.  The only weakness I felt with this project was putting posts in the blogosphere.  I found it exceptionally hard to find other bloggers who talked about the same subject as me; it probably would have been easier to keep it within the english classes.  Overall, I think this project was a brilliant idea and 100 times better than writing a research paper.  


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  1. Thank you for your candid feedback. This format seemed to lend itself to your sensibilities. You produced to quality work here!

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