Crazy in Love

Throughout Act II Shakespeare incorporates love into the way people act.  He continuously ties love with weird actions, or unintelligent actions.  The Act starts with scene one in which Polonius telling Reynaldo to spy on Laertes and find out what he is doing in Paris.  This is because of the love Polonius has for his son.  He wants to make sure that Laertes is making smart choices and not ruining his reputation.  Next we see love tied into actions as Ophelia rushes to her father out of breath and flustered.  She explained to Polonius how Hamlet had acted so strange, and looked terrible: “As if he had been loossed out of hell”.  Polonius replies by saying, “Mad for thy love?”  The very first reason that they could think of for his odd actions was his love for Ophelia.  All throughout Act II, Hamlets crazed actions are linked by others to his love for Ophelia.  They cannot think of another reason that Hamlet would be going mad.  Because of this madness, his mother’s love for Hamlet brings out another action of spying and acting.  Gertrude asks Hamlets friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to try to get to the bottom of Hamlets mysterious actions and try to make him act normally again.  With love as a recurring theme, Shakespeare also utilizes lying or acting within the actions of love.  All three of the previous examples involve lying.  Reynaldo has to lie to pretend that he knows Laertes so he can find out more in depth his intentions in Paris; but this again is coming from the love of his father.  Hamlet is simply acting mad, when the audience knows that his crazy actions were all part of his plan with the ghost; this is coming from the love Hamlet has for his father and helping him.  Also, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were told to act as if nothing was wrong, and simply try to get Hamlet to act happy and normal once again; which was coming from the love of Gertrude to her son.  Each major action from these people derive from love, which is proven by Shakespeare that love can make people do crazy things.  

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